Kong's Red Junglefowls

Specializing in Southeast Asian Red Junglefowls

About Us,


    Our aviary is based in Clovis, California.  We operate a small farm dedicated to raising and preserving one of the purest and most beautiful creatures on planet earth, the red junglefowl.
    In regards to my personal information, I am a first-generation Hmong American.  I am happily married to my beautiful wife and am a proud father of two darling daughters.  I spend the majority of my spare time with my precious family and what little is left, caring for my red junglefowls.
     My experiences raising junglefowls started at the age of 12.  Now 30 years old, I have raised birds from various strains that include: Fresno Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Richardson's, Rodney Michael's, and birds from the country of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.
    Raising red junglefowls is a passion and hobby, not a primary source of income.  As a result, breedings of my birds are conducted with the philosophy of "quality, not quantity" and operated in the mindset of breeding only to improve and maintain the flock.  Only after many hours of extensive and meticulous planning will birds be bred; thus, limited breedings are scheduled each year.  My goal is to maintain their purity, correct morphological characteristics, flight capability, and crows that are representative of red jungelfowls from Southeast Asia.
    Please contact us for any inquiries and/or if you would like more information about our junglefowls.  Likewise, if anyone has a strain they feel is unique, please contact us as we are in constant pursuit of unique pure strains and bloodlines.  If the birds fit our criteria, to this day, the price has yet to be an issue.  
Kong Vang
Phone Number: (559) 430-5793