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Thank you for your interest in our red junglefowls.  We highly appreciate your support; however, it is with much regret that we do not have any red junglefowls available for sale in the 2013 year.

Every year we only breed our birds to maintain our flock and the few left over are often quickly bought by the strong amount of local fanciers.  It is rare that we sell out to new customers as 90% of birds are purchased from returning customers.

If you are interested purchasing birds in the future, please contact me with your information and provide a quick synopsis for your purpose of acquiring our birds.  We can contact you when the next birds will be available. 



Prices on our birds will range based on the bird's quality: purity, scientific phenotype, and crow quality. 

Please be aware that our prices are higher than typical red junglefowls in the United States because our birds are: 1) guaranteed to be of direct imported strains from Southeast Asia, 2) bred specifically to maintain purity, and 3) posses crow qualities that are true to Red Junglefowls from Southeast Asia.

With all due respect to all individuals, our goal is to match any prospective customer to the type of red junglefowl, red junglefowl hybrid, or red junglefowl-like-chicken for their needs regardless if they are acquiring birds from us.  We refer out over 75% of prospective customers.

Often times, a simple rule you can use to determine if our birds may be right for you is: If you cannot see, hear, and/or mind the differences between our birds in comparison to another source's birds, then it may not be necessary to acquire birds from us.

Our birds are bred for a specific niche of red junglefowl fanciers that want a specific high purity with DNA proof, scientific phenotype, crow quality, and locale of origin.  We simply recognize that our birds are not for everyone and respect all individuals' needs and wishes.  



Kong Vang


(559) 430-5793