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Red Junglefowls in Laos


This is a video of the Hmong in Laos and their culture involving the red junglefowl.  These are clips I have collected over the years and were not recorded by me. 


This is a video recorded my Mr. Chang from Sacramento, CA.  On a business trip in Laos in 2008, he heard a wild red junglefowl crowing while driving on a country road and pulled over to record the crow.  Using a hen call, he was able to entice the bird to crow a few more times for the camera.



My Nhia Doua Yang Laos Strain Red Junglefowl Roosters:

This is a video of my Laos Strain Breeder#1 male aka "The Producer."  The bird is 6 years old in the video, which was recorded in March 2010.


This is a video of my Laos strain Breeder #2.  Video was recorded early 2009.  He was 5 years old at the time of the recording.


 This is a video of my Laos/Thai junglefowl stag at 11-months old.  Video was recorded late 2008.


 This is the same male as above at exactly 1-year old.



Red Junglefowls Produced by Us:


This bird is 75% Laos strain and 25% Indian strain.  His father is Breeder #1 and his mother is half Laos/half Indian (Rodney Michaels).  He was hatched in May of 2008 and is 10 months old in the video.



Son of Breeder #2 and a daughter of my Thai junglefowl hen.  This male is 7-8 months in this video.


 This is the same male above pictured at a little over 1-year old.  Special thanks fo FSGamebirdbreeders in NC for recording and sharing this video.


This is a male is composed of 50% Richardson (fron Villagrana Pheasantry and 50% Laos strain.  He was produced in 2009.


This a son of my Laos strain Breeder #2 to a 50% Laos/50% Indian (Rodney Michaels strain) hen.


The bird in this video is a son of my Breeder #2 to a female purchased from a breeder with the initials Y.V.  He was sold to Y.V. as a juvenile and Y.V. later gifted to my uncle in the spring of 2008. The bird is about 2 years old.  The video was recorded by my uncle shortly after he received the bird.



This is a pullet from my Laos strain.  The video was recorded by its owner, my in-law, "Long."